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AI and the Job Market: Will Robots Replace Your Career?

AI and the Job Market: Will Robots Replace Your Career?

There is a ruckus all over the world about the Artificial intelligence and it’s alleged taking over of jobs of humans. Undoubtedly, someone like robots and machines replacing humans in the job market is a serious threat to the existence of humans. But the question is, is this threat actual? Is it really going to happen? Let’s get deep into this topic and settle the confusion once for all.

Understanding the AI

Before analyzing the impacts of AI on job market, it’s important to first understand what Artificial intelligence is. The artificial intelligence refers to the computer systems that can perform tasks that typically requires human intelligence including problem solving, learning and decision making and even understanding natural language.
It is important to understand that AI is not just a single entity but a diverse range of technologies and application. Therefore a single idea of AI replacing the jobs all over does not set fit to all these things. It has varied impacts on different dimensions. Every innovation has positive and negative effects at the same time. Hence, let’s shed some light on some of both the negative and positive impacts of AI on jobs.

Negative aspects of AI on jobs

There is no denying of the fact that AI has casted some negative impacts on the human jobs. Let’s discuss it’s negative impacts below.

Jobs displacement:

As of the present stage of AI’s evolution, it has already impacted some jobs negatively by hijacking the jobs containing certain repetitive and routines tasks. For example such as manufacturing, retail and customer services. This has lead to the displacement of low skilled and routine jobs.

Modern skill requirements:

As AI has now become part and parcel of every walk of life. Now matter how small or big role it has to offer, its presence has become necessary. When everything will be covered by AI, people dealing with these things will have to learn the modern and technical skill. That is a huge issue in attaining jobs in the upcoming period.

Socio-economic implications:

The impact of AI on jobs will ultimately lead to the socio-economic implications including income inequality. Those with necessary skills to work with AI may get extra ordinary benefits while others may face challenges to adapt to the changing job market. This may cause socio-economic imbalance in the society.

Positive aspects of AI on job market

While AI, to some extent has casted some negative effects on the job market, in the meantime, it holds a lot of new opportunities for the job market. As of now, the positive effects of AI outweighs it’s negative impacts on job market. Because, it has got tremendous opportunities for the job market in near future. Let’s have a look into this side as well.

Jobs creation:

Until now, we have discussed the jobs that will be replaced by AI. Now there is a wide range of areas where AI will be producing new job opportunities. For example, AI researchers, data scientists, developers and AI ethics experts will be in high demand. Introducing AI in all the fields of life will certainly need the skilled people who can manage the usage of AI properly. Therefore, it will bring a lot of new vacant spaces that will be filled with human.

AI as collaborative partner:

As you must know the jobs that AI can’t replace are those needing creative approach. Therefore, AI will not replace your creative jobs rather it will help you in your jobs being a collaborative partner. For example in the jobs like creative designing and content creation, you migh use AI as helper to get the effective ideas and suggestions and then to utilize those with the help of your intelligence. This can make a strong artificial-human intelligence duo.

Increased efficiency of job:

As AI can displace the repetitive and routine tasks, you can make best use of this attribute of AI. While handling those routine and repetitive tasks over to AI, you can work more creatively and productively on the decision making areas of your job. This will increase the efficiency of your job and lead to the improved results as a whole. So, AI can be used effectively within your job.

How to adapt to AI

In the era of AI reining the world all over the globe, it is essential to cope up with the modern trends and meeting the innovative requirements to stay relevant in the world. Remember that everything that brings challenge to the world also bring big opportunities along it. Wise people keep their focus on the opportunities more than the challenges. Following are some of the tips that you can follow to avail the opportunities lying in the world of AI.

Reskill and Upskill:

First of all identify the skills that are required in the Artificial intelligence fields such as Python, R. machine learning, data analysis, machine learning, and natural language processing. Enroll in online courses, workshops or formal education related to this field. And if you are already having some initial skills, it is high time to upgrade them and polish them according to the modern trends.

Embrace change:

As AI is constantly evolving, the trends in it will continuously be changing over the period of time. The mindset to keep in this ever evolving technological era, is to enable yourself to embrace change with open arms. Do not shy away from the changing trends and evoke adaptability in yourself. Not only accept change rather explore the innovations by yourself.

Ethical considerations:

As we know that many ethical issues loom over the world with the usage of AI, it is important to be literate enough with the ethical considerations of the Artificial intelligence. Familiarize yourself with the ethical implications of AI including privacy concerns. Make yourself aware of the policies related to AI to avoid any inconvenience for yourself and your organization. Beig aware of these issues will help you take better decisions while working with AI.

Stay updated:

Last but not the least, Stay updated on the topic. As the artificial intelligence is still in its evolution process, it will continue to bring new advancements and changes on the table all the time. Therefore, always be open to to the fact that it will be a lifelong learning process. To keep yourself updated, follow AI related blogs, news, research publications. Also join the AI communities and groups so that new updates don’t go unnoticed from you.


Well in the debate of whether Robots will replace our jobs, it can be concluded from the above mentioned information that although to some extent AI has replaced some routine and repetitive jobs, yet there is a whole bunch of opportunities lying with the advancement of AI. it is the fact that some of the jobs have been replaced by AI but in the same time, it has opened new era of advanced form of jobs all over the world. Although they require innovative and technical skills, but the good news is these can be acquired through various available channels. Hence, we can work along the Artificial intelligence by creating a artificial-human intelligence duo.

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