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LionsSG Mobile App and Website is a dynamic duo of technological innovation serving as the cornerstone of supply chain management in the US. Rooted in Lions Sales Group’s commitment to quality and efficiency, this comprehensive platform offers a suite of services including product sourcing, shipping, import/export services, and manufacturing of bleach products. LionsSG is a proud member of the Private Labeled Manufacturers Association, solidifying its dedication to excellence

Technology used
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Lion Sales

Web Application:

Frontend: Utilizes HTML, CSS, Bootstrap to ensure the website’s compatibility across various devices, delivering a consistent experience to users on both desktop and mobile.

Backend: Implements Laravel, a versatile PHP framework, to manage complex backend operations and data processing.

Mobile Application:

Frontend: Utilizes Flutter to ensure a consistent and visually appealing user experience across both mobile devices and the web.

Backend:  Implements Laravel, a versatile PHP framework, to manage complex backend operations and data processing.


LionsSG Mobile App and Website cater to businesses in the US seeking robust supply chain solutions, manufacturers in need of efficient product distribution, and those engaged in global trade endeavors. Whether navigating the intricacies of logistics, embracing global commerce, or ensuring the availability of essential bleach products,the platform offers a comprehensive array of services.

Core features

Product Sourcing, Shipping, and Supply Chain Services:  LionsSG excels in sourcing products, streamlining shipping processes, and optimizing the supply chain for maximum efficiency.

Import/Export Services: LionsSG offers comprehensive import and export services, navigating the intricacies of international trade with precision

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Quality Assurance
Excellent developer with a complete skill set, knowledge and experiences was really good to work with him.
Jose Pena
Founder and CEO at Lions Sales Group