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Emerging trends and technologies of web development

Emerging trends and technologies of web development

We are currently living in such an era of history where living without digitalization is not even thinkable. With the industrial revolution in the previous century,  the scope of businesses has been multiplied. Then technological revolution followed the industrial revolution and it just changed the whole landscape of the business world. Hence, in this era of digitalization, It is not possible for businesses to overrun the importance of digitalizing themselves and making themselves capable of getting featured on web to be seen and reaching all over the world. For this purpose, Web development is one of the most utilized area for businesses irrespective of their niche and field. Web development, just like any other thing under the sun, is continuously evolving and producing space for innovative trends and technologies. These emerging trends and technologies of web development have developed immeasurable opportunities for the wolrd in general and  businesses in particular. Let’s discuss these emerging trends and technologies of web development that are about to bring massive changes in technology.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

A survey revealed that in 2022, 58% of the web traffic came from mobile devices. With such a huge transition of users from desktops to mobile devices, it is imperative for businesses to come up with the solution that provide seamless user experience to their audience across devices. For this purpose, there was need of web application development. Here is when Progressive Web Apps come into play. Progressive Web Apps provide an app like experience, complete with offline functionality, push notifications, and smooth performance. In addition to efficient user experience, PWAs bestows some additional benefits to the providers such as reduced website development cost and seamless maintenance for the providers. PWAs are mostly beneficial and significant in the ecommerce sector. As online shopping mostly undergoes through mobile phones, hence PWAs help in dispensing the best user experience across all devices. Apart from the benefits, there are some limitations of PWAs as of now which might probably be rules out in the near future.One of the limitations is that PWAs are robust for android devices but they have limited IOS support which affects the user experience in apple devices.

progressive web apps

Case study of PWAs

SuperKiwi is the fine example of Progressive Web App..As a web app development company, Rev9Solutions is proud to design and launch Super Kiwi App web app.SuperKiwi is an E-commerce application and website tailored to the unique needs of consumers in the Dominican Republic. During the web application development of SuperKiwi, the front end team of Rev9Solutions used flutter to ensure the visually appealing and user friendly interface across both devices. This platform provides a seamless shopping experience by connecting users with local marts, allowing them to explore, purchase, and enjoy a wide range of products.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a system that enables the computers to perform the activities that usually require human intelligence. For example decision making, voice recognition, making predictions and language translation. Artificial intelligence is a vast area of development that engulfs web development in it as well. For web development, AI can be applicable in many ways. For example, AI can analyze and then predict user behaviours, preferences, and interests. This helps in providing the more tailored and relevant content in search results. Additionally, artificially intelligent chatbots are the new big thing in web development. They help in responding to the frequently asked questions of website visitors with most relevant answers and that also withing no time. Moreover, it can also create the personalized content for not only websites but also for social media platforms. But one of the most amazing aspect of AI is to have the ability to predict and forecast the possible outcomes and find patterns with the help of previous data and information it gathers. Websites built with AI being used in them can help the businesses to boost potentially.

ai congnitive

Case Study of AI in web development

One of the use case of AI in web development is Trevi designed by Rev9Solutions. As Rev9Solutions is honored to be a full stack development company including AI expertise, Trevi is the outcome of these expertise. Trevi is an AI powered email marketing innovation that revolutionzes the way businesses connect with their audience. Trevi holds the features such as innovative AI backbone while having seamless integration with GPT4, resourceful visual assets having expansive library of stock images, advanced data management by integrating both MySQL and MongoDB databases, ensuring efficient and organized data storage. It also leverages AI Lambda functions on the AWS Cloud framework. This tool if integrated with web or app, provides competitive advantage to a business in the market.


AR stands for Augmented reality and VR stands for Virtual Reality.  Augmented Reality is the form of technology that combines the digital world with real elements. AR is the technology that is equally suitable for mobile devices and desktops. Through augmented reality, All data can be collected in real time via cameras, for example, and processed directly. Augmented reality provides a lot of benefits including individualized learning and increasing the learning process. It also offers a wide range of applications that are continuously being improved. The AR technology makes it possible to increase the efficiency. AR on the other hand is a completely computer generated simulation. Through AR, it is possible for users to be fully immersed in digital world. This process requires two lenses between users and the screen. They interpret the movement of eyes and adopt the individual reality into Virtual Reality. One of the biggest benefits of VR is that users can explore the virtual wold in all its facets. Moreover, through AR, immersive learning is possible in an interactive environment.  AR and VR contains great significance in the list of emerging technologies of web development.

Case studies of AR and VR

The use cases of Augmented Reality adn Virtual Reality are widespread. Augmented Reality can be used by users who want to translate texts into other languages. This is done with the help of modern translation apps using Augmented Reality technology in them. If your business is related to construction and logistics, augmented reality is an effective way to increase the efficiency of employees and the business process. Moreover, AR is an easy way to get in touch with customers, colleagues and technicians. VR offers many other applications in the practical world. For example in military department, this technology is used in flight simulators, and battlefield simulation. Additionally, it can also be used in sports in the form of digital training devices to help improve their performance and analyze their techniques.

IMS Core features

Serverless Architecture

System overloading, data loss, and development costs have been of great concerns in the web development field. There was an ongoing search for the solution to these issues. Then, Serverless architectures came into play. In serviceless architecture, users can run code virtually on any type of application without any administration, provisioning, managing or upgrading servers. Serverless architecture was first utilized by 

Amazon Web Services with the launch of AWS Lambda in 2014. Initially, it was used by experimenters but few years later in came into general use. After AWS, many other huge companies such as Google and Microsoft also adopted it. Serverless technology is not only being used by these giants only rather now it is also being used in many other  products such as chatbots, IOT apps and APIs for various tasks such as downloading file backups, delivering notifications and exporting objects. In web development, Serverless architectures are used in building and deploying backend APIs to manage heavy traffic load and automatically grow in response to demand. One of the biggest benefits of serverless architectures is that developers may concentrate on writing and delivering code instead of managing servers or worrying about infrastructure upkeep.

Case study of Serverless architectures

Woice AI chatbot: the product of Rev9Solutions can be considered as the case study of serverless architecture. Woice AI chatbot used most of the deployment in serverless technologies to offer more intuitive and efficient experience. It delivers instant support, powered by advanced large language models, adapting to individual preferences and breaking language barriers for global audience. Due to utilization of serverless architecture, it becomes capable of handling large language models, providing multilingual support, and being cost effective solution.

Headless CMS

The key feature of Headless Management System is that it separates the process of content creation and it’s management process. It allows the developers to fetch content via APIs and present it in different ways. CMS are a unique addition to the web development process that brings a lot of flexibility and scalability. In this way, developers have the freedom to choose how and where to to display content. These abilities make CMS ideal for omnichannel experiences. Moreover, the CMS enables the reuse of content across different platforms and therefore improve the efficiency of the product. CMS allows multi channel publishing such as distribution of content across websites, mobile apps, and IoT devices. The most effective use case of CMS is that it integrates with ecommerce platforms allowing seamless content updates without affecting the overall structure. Alongside a lot of benefits, CMS also have a bit of challenges with them. For example, designing a complex and flexible model can be a bit more challenging than usual. Therefore, the succcess of project depends on stable and well documented APIs provided by the chosen headless CMS.

Case Study

Headless CMS is mostly used for the purpose of multi channel publishing. It is most beneficial in Ecommerce industry after integrating it with ecommerce platforms. This integration allows in seamless content updates without effecting the overall structure. Wordpess is the highly used CRM system lately, with more than 40% of websites being developed through wordpress. The Brands Fusion is an ecommerce project initiated by Rev9Solutions that used wordpress as it’s CRM. It managed the content more effectively and  allowed effective user experience across all platforms. Rev9Solutions is a web app development company that is in way to utilize all the emerging technologies of web development in it’s journey.

Web Assembly (Wasm)

Unlike JavaScript, which is high level language, Wasm is a low level language in a binary instruction format that enables high performance execution of codes in web browsers. With web assembly, code in any programming language can be compiled into bytecode that runs in a browser. The biggest edge that Web Assembly brings is that it is faster than JavaScript and enables us to write performance critical parts of the app with the most suitable languages such as C/C++/C#/Rust/Kotlin, etc. Through Web Assembly, native apps can be run in the browser. It offers the desktop like performance on the web without additional development expenses. Wasm is effective for performance-intensive applications such as video editing, gaming and other computatuinal tasks. Since Wasm is supported by all major browsers, developers can write code that runs consistently across different platforms. Applications that need heavy computational processing like scientific simulations and image processing, benefit from Wasm. There are also some challenges that Wasm holds such as debugging low level languages can be more complex than that of high level languages. Moreover, it also puts burden on developers of learning new skills to work with low level languages that are compatible with Web Assembly.

Case Study

Wasm is ideal for gaming, streaming, CAD applications, drawing and video editing. Notable applications of Web Assembly include Google Earth, Figma, and AutoCad. Web assembly mostly run on the browser. The reasons behind web assembly mostly used in browser is to optimze performance for computation, migrate legacy native apps to web apps, and allowing languages other than JavaScript to run in the browser.


The future of web development is continuously being shaped by the arrival of modern technologies. The optimum utlilization of these modern technologies of web development can not only be beneficial for web app development companies but also for the businesses by enabling them to beat the competition in the market. Wether it be the PWAs, Artificial intelligence, AR/VR, Web Assembly, CMS or Serverless Architectures, these emerging trends and technologies of web development hold the immense potential for businesses to put their ideas into real life in the most effective way. It is, undoubtedly, hard to chase the ever evolving and modern technologies of web development, but in this fast paced world, it does not remain even a choice to adopt them or not. Improved user experience and cybersecurity is the best outcome of these technologies.

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